Learning About A Car Finance

Learning About A Car Finance

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It’s very common in Australia for consumers to take out car finance in order to buy a good vehicle. Don’t feel bad if you want to buy a vehicle and don’t have enough money saved up to pay for it in cash. In fact, it is very rare for consumers to pay for a new vehicle or even a used vehicle in cash. Even those who have enough cash available to pay for a vehicle outright often rely on car finance anyway because that way they keep more liquid cash savings available should the need come up to use those savings.

You’ll probably find that it’s easier than you imagined to get a car loan to make your vehicle ownership dreams a reality in a very convenient way. You simply have to apply. A lot of times Australian applicants are approved considering the strong economy. Even consumers who are turned down shouldn’t give up on the search for an acceptable and affordable car finance option. There are many lenders out there looking for consumers to do business with. If you have been turned down, continue exploring your options. You may be able to opt for some alternative financing like a secured loan for which you provide some collateral in lieu of a strong credit score.

If you’ve never had car finance to buy a vehicle before, you should learn some basics about what it entails. Car Finance Stratton Finance means you get a loan to purchase a vehicle. A lender provides a car dealership with the money to pay for a vehicle you want to purchase. Then, you pay monthly in small payment amounts until you give the lender back the entire loan amount plus interest. Instead of having to pay for the full vehicle amount yourself, you only have to pay monthly payments. Generally speaking, you’ll also be expected to make a down payment on the vehicle or pay a fairly small amount upfront before you begin making payments.

Stratton Finance https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/car-finance/car-loan is a great way to get a car more easily than you ever thought possible. DO you need a new or a relatively new vehicle to ensure that you can get around? Reliable transportation is a necessity for the vast majority of Australians. Fortunately for Australians, there are many car finance options the make reliable transportation within their grasp. Find a lender who is offering car finance to a consumer like you. You can easily budget to find an ideal vehicle for you that won’t men you have to clear out all of the savings you’ve worked so hard for.

Basics of Novated Leases

Novated Lease Basics Explained


In terms of what the average Australian household makes in a year’s time, Australia’s inhabitants are far more indebted to lenders than residents in any other country on planet Earth.

As such, most Australians can’t reasonably afford to purchase vehicles in cash, or even finance them. Rather, the most economic alternative is leasing such vehicles. Without leases, Australians would be in more debt than they already are.

What Is A Novated Lease?

Leasing a vehicle is a way of securing a vehicle for personal use. In order to lease, individuals typically must have positive financial histories, which proves difficult for some Australians.

Employers almost always provide benefit packages to their employees as a form of compensation. One of these benefits is a novated lease.

Using businesses’ own positive financial situations, they’re able to secure vehicles for their employees. Workers pay for their new or used cars’ novated lease from their pre-tax salaries.

By trusting an employer to provide a novated lease, everything from fuel to maintenance and back to roadside assistance is loads cheaper than if individuals attempted to find such deals without help from their employers.

Why Do Employers Offer The Benefit Of A Novated Lease?

Not everyone – in fact, few people – are in good enough financial positions to purchase, finance, or lease vehicles on their own. When employers offer the benefit of a novated lease, employees typically feel closer to their employers, which results in longer tenures and lowered costs of hiring new employees.

Businesses often have far more money than the average Australian. As such, they can easily afford securing vehicles for their employees – the vast majority of Australians don’t have this kind of money, and act loyal to their employers in return for a novated lease.

What Happens If Employees Take Up New Jobs?

The only thing employees have to do when they switch places of work is fill out another Novated Lease at Stratton Finance agreement with their new employers and their financiers – that’s it!

People interested in a novated lease should keep in mind that not all employed offer it as a benefit, though most competitive places of work do, in fact, offer servicing of their novated lease plans.

Are There Any Benefits Of A Novated Lease Not Covered Yet?

The central benefit of a novated lease is related to filing taxes at the end of the fiscal year.

All payments made towards cars secured by a novated lease are deducted from employees’ salaries, making the total amount of income taxes are due on significantly less than if employees found such leases outside of the umbrella their employers offer.

How Long Does A Novated Lease Last?

Most employers offer novated leases anywhere between one and five years in length. Employees are able to pick how long they wish to lease for, and can even pick new cars, as long as they’re pre-approved by their employers, once their existing leases reach the end of their term agreements.

Car Loans

Car Loans

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In simple language we can define car loan as financial product where the lender provides private individual with necessary funds to help them purchase a car. The lenders could be the bank, car ,yard among others.Buying a new car is expensive as compared to buying a used one. But buying a used car might only drive you so far until you need repair parts. So it’s good that you go for a new car as it will help you budget for your family properly and it will suit you for about five to ten years, the used one may have a short life span.
The most secured car loans is that which ties the amount of the loan to the amount of car purchased. With this you will realize that the interest will be lower. While looking for the interest rates, the interest will show you the interest that you need to pay on the principal. You need to compare the similar loans using the comparison rate table.
In most cases, the average car loans are about five years. Some loans may last for a year while others could go up to seven years. Some people prefer to go for shorter terms, while others prefer the longer terms. But all these depend on the situations and circumstances that the individual could be in. The application is free and could be done online at your comfort the company will contact you and give you some guidance. Most of the companies will allow you to borrow 100% of the car’s purchase and includes extended warranties and insurance.
Car Loans at Stratton Finance guarantees you instant conditional approval; all you need to do is to fill in the document on the right and then your application will automatically be approved online. The interest rates are very cheap as compared to that of banks. No deposit is required as long as your finance available is approved. There are no tricks, every dollar that you are charged will be disclosed to you at the time of filing the document.
Credited with the most reputable lenders and insurers in Australia are providing you with a fair choice for comparison. If you need instant approval, then you can go to companies like Savvy that approve loans within 24 hours. Savvy helps their clients to get a car loan while on 457 visas for the new arrivals and also the temporary residence. You are also allowed to make payments even before the termination of your term.
There are various companies that offer car loans, but with different terms and interest rates. It is therefore advisable that before you go for a car loan check out for the available car loans and do some comparisons to get the best out of the many that will suit you. Please leave your comment bellow. Thank you.

4 Ways Sources of Car Loan

Top 4 Ways Sources of Car Loan

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Most people cannot buy a new or used car today without taking a loan. They then have to spend many years repaying the car loan since the loans are often quite costly. To avoid this, it’s prudent to consider different potential sources before applying for any particular type of loan. Read on for four different sources of car loan for you to look at.


Banks are the most popular source of a Car Loan by Stratton Finance. Currently, approximately 40 percent of car buyers turn to their banks for financing. However, before you take a car loan from any bank, compare interest rates of different banks. Interest rates vary considerably from one bank to another.

Banks also offer personal services and have no sales pitch for add-ons. They also have a lot of experience in the car financing field and can tell you when you are paying too much for the car. Additionally, their loans usually spread evenly throughout the loans’ terms.

Credit Union

For people who are members of credit unions, this is one of the best places they can start shopping for a car loan. These institutions are often owned by members. So members have a greater opportunity to get cheaper car loans. If you choose this path, you can be sure to pay your loans within shorter periods, which means the overall cost of your loan will be reduced significantly. It can also be possible to receive the money within a significantly short period since credit unions are localized institutions.

Online Lenders

With the emergence of modern technology, you are able to take a car loan online. This option comes with the ability to search many lenders and compare their rates at the comfort of your house or office. They also don’t demand a lot of documentation. So your chance of getting a loan with them is high. And since they don’t incur a lot of operational expenses, their interest rates are competitive. You, however, need to watch out for some scams as you are dealing with people you may not have met.

Car Dealerships

Dealerships are in the business of offering financial services to help sell more cars. Most of them have built strong business relationships with lenders. If you use their services, you are sure to get a car loan quickly and without having to put a lot of effort. However, remember they usually make a lot of money on loans. You can be safer if you understand the interest rate and other terms and conditions before making the next step. If you have an alternative source of a car loan, consider their service first.

Whether you choose a bank, credit union, online lenders, car dealerships, or any other source of a car loan, remember the interest rate you get when financing a car often vary slightly from the advertised rates. Your credit rating is likely the biggest influence on your interest rate. Also, consider taking short-term loans.

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