4 Ways Sources of Car Loan

Top 4 Ways Sources of Car Loan

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Most people cannot buy a new or used car today without taking a loan. They then have to spend many years repaying the car loan since the loans are often quite costly. To avoid this, it’s prudent to consider different potential sources before applying for any particular type of loan. Read on for four different sources of car loan for you to look at.


Banks are the most popular source of a Car Loan by Stratton Finance. Currently, approximately 40 percent of car buyers turn to their banks for financing. However, before you take a car loan from any bank, compare interest rates of different banks. Interest rates vary considerably from one bank to another.

Banks also offer personal services and have no sales pitch for add-ons. They also have a lot of experience in the car financing field and can tell you when you are paying too much for the car. Additionally, their loans usually spread evenly throughout the loans’ terms.

Credit Union

For people who are members of credit unions, this is one of the best places they can start shopping for a car loan. These institutions are often owned by members. So members have a greater opportunity to get cheaper car loans. If you choose this path, you can be sure to pay your loans within shorter periods, which means the overall cost of your loan will be reduced significantly. It can also be possible to receive the money within a significantly short period since credit unions are localized institutions.

Online Lenders

With the emergence of modern technology, you are able to take a car loan online. This option comes with the ability to search many lenders and compare their rates at the comfort of your house or office. They also don’t demand a lot of documentation. So your chance of getting a loan with them is high. And since they don’t incur a lot of operational expenses, their interest rates are competitive. You, however, need to watch out for some scams as you are dealing with people you may not have met.

Car Dealerships

Dealerships are in the business of offering financial services to help sell more cars. Most of them have built strong business relationships with lenders. If you use their services, you are sure to get a car loan quickly and without having to put a lot of effort. However, remember they usually make a lot of money on loans. You can be safer if you understand the interest rate and other terms and conditions before making the next step. If you have an alternative source of a car loan, consider their service first.

Whether you choose a bank, credit union, online lenders, car dealerships, or any other source of a car loan, remember the interest rate you get when financing a car often vary slightly from the advertised rates. Your credit rating is likely the biggest influence on your interest rate. Also, consider taking short-term loans.

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